My Unforgettable Experience with A High Class London Escort

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Do you wish to have time with an escort? It would be best if you tried it in your lifetime. My entire comparison of existing ladies with their tastes and preferences turned to be overwhelming. I resorted to seeking out the best agency for high-class escorts in East London. My research delivered a list of top agencies and models in London and its environs.

I browsed through online directories, galleries, and websites to meet my lady of choice. I settled on Brittney, a blonde model from Paddington, for her gorgeous features, smile, and dimples. I booked an out call with Brittney for the weekend. Based on her profile, I was eager to meet her and experience at least half of what past clients highlighted in the review section.

On the fateful day, Brittney really showed up to our dinner date, looking fabulous and admirable. I noticed a lot of maturity and concern as her behaviors were recommending. I could not waste much time as I was eager to get to know Brittney deeper. We shared a meal, drinks and conversed at length about personal life and experiences in the work line.

Brittney highlighted benefits that were in store for me in our brief time together. She promised me companionship, less stress, passionate sex, and an audience. She also warned me that I risked fall in love with her following our brief encounter over the weekend. I connected naturally with ‘Britt’ and could sense that she was genuinely enjoying my company.

After dinner, we took a taxi to the cinema. We spent three hours at the cinema, getting more intimate by the second. I missed a better part of the movie as I was focused on Brittney. After the movie, we headed back to my hotel room to get a good rest, make love, and converse more. We started kissing in the elevator and almost missed my room in a frenzy.

We spent the next three hours exploring limits that I hadn’t before. Brittney woke the beast in me as I was comfortable around her. Her moves were unpredictable, yet it was like she could read my mind. Fast forward, we woke up on the floor shortly before dawn and sexed back to sleep. We woke up at 8:30, made love in the shower, and headed for Brighton’s graduation.

After Brighton’s graduation, we headed for the nightclub, where Brittney surprised me with a quickie. Back at the hotel, Brittney subdued me with a unique prowess in using her lips, tongue, nails, and other body parts in foreplay. I felt she was enough to win any man by her moves. My sexual desires were entirely satisfied. I became jealous and could not stand her serving other clients across east London henceforth.

Three days after the incident, Brittney was still fresh on my mind. One month down the line, Brighton asks me about the best satisfying escort agency. I connected with Brittney, who came with Juliet. Since then, we have gone on several dates with Brittney and Juliet in Paddington and other London parts.

Juliet received a proposal from Brighton requesting her hand in marriage and has since changed her work line. I believe that Brittney is essential, but I haven’t made plans to propose to her yet.