Blog Entry By A London Escort

There are many things known about London. The palace, the Royal Family and the London Bridge may come to mind when thinking about London. But what about an escort agency. There are several parts of London the world does not know about. Living in central London, I have seen firsthand the party world and escort lifestyle of this well-known city.

London escorts exists here. You would be surprised to know who works as an escort. Tall women, short women, skinny women, busty women can be escorts. An escort agency is not in the business of promoting or exposing a particular person. The agency merely connects the escort and the client. The escort and client handle their arrangement. The agency is responsible for handling the transaction. Once the job is done the escort receives pay. This is the work and life of an escort.

But besides being an escort, I share the same commonalities in my life that many others have in their life. I go to the grocery store. I attend events. I have a home. I have friends. I have family. I am much like many other people. There are not many things that separate the lifestyle of a London escort and another person. The only thing that separates the two is the line of work. Those in central London that have chose escorting as a line of work have their reasons for what they choose just like others have their reasons for the line of work they have chose.

The life of an escort may be kept quiet here in central London. But I am not the only one that lives and walks the underground path of escorting in one of the world’s most famous cities. Some may wonder why I person chooses this life. Is it the money? Is it because of the party scene? Maybe some choose this life because it is the only life they know of.

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